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What is Runtime?

Runtime offers situational nutritional solutions for today's lifestyle. We attach particular importance to fast and intelligent nutrition. Our products should help to save valuable time, to concentrate on the important things in life and at the same time to eat healthy and wholesome. Our products have been developed together with nutrition experts and contain a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that your body needs every day.

Our food offers the perfect solution in many situations. Whether you're studying, playing sports, at work, gambling or in between - Runtime offers products that help you to eat fully and save time and money at the same time.

Only high-quality ingredients are used in all our products.

Advantages of Runtime

  • Rich and balanced nutrition through the optimal mix of healthy ingredients - vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Save money - A meal contains almost 600kcal and costs in the Abo only 2.69€.
  • Save time - Our Next Level Meal is prepared in 60 seconds, all other products can be consumed immediately.
  • Energy rich - Through the use of isomaltulose, energy is constantly absorbed by the body and long lasting.

How much does Runtime cost?

Max is 28 years old, working and hungry several times a day. Max buys a sandwich and a snack from the baker and then goes to work. At lunchtime Max likes to eat in the restaurant and in the evening there is usually a pizza or a kebab. The cooking is irregular. With this daily routine Max does not only spend a lot of money, he also invests a lot of time for eating.

  • Expenses of Max: 3,5€ breakfast + 10€ lunch + 3,5€ dinner

Max spends 17 euros on food on this day. For comparison:

A daily ration Runtime (approx. 1900kcal - depending on taste) would have cost Max 8.07€.


When we started selling in February 2017, there were initially two core products: The Next Level Meal and the Performance Drink. The Runtime Next Level Meal is a complete and balanced meal that can be prepared within a minute and saturates for several hours. It offers the ideal solution for anyone who wants to save time in a healthy way and at the same time improve their endurance and performance. The Performance Drink ensures a constant and even energy supply, without sugar spike or sugar crash and thus improves focus and concentration. The Next Level Meal and Performance Drink were (and are) our answer to junk food and conventional energy drinks and the lack of alternatives - even during events, tournaments and on the road.

It took 14 months to develop the first flavours of Meal and Drink. This development phase also included numerous adjustments to our formula, a lot of DIY product design and even more product tests with top athletes and experts such as Dr. Lutz Graumann and Weldon Green. We have developed products that actually deliver what they promise. Not just marketing stunts. Real products, real performance enhancement and real results. Developed and manufactured in Germany. Even today, we are still working on improving and perfecting our formula based on the feedback we receive. We call these adjustments "Balance Updates". On average, a balance update takes a few months and we always do our best to add another scoop with each update.